Cacao Ceremony 22nd February, 2022

Cacao is a beautiful, gentle yet potent medicine for the heart. Reiki increases prana, ki, or life force energy within the body. Reiki is a divinely guided life force energy that aids in increasing the flow of energy to spots of depletion. Reiki and Cacao used in unison can allow a deep unraveling and softening of the heart.
Cacao is a natural superfood offering nourishment to the body, while Reiki offers additional healing & aid in removing energetic stagnation & blockages. This 2 ½ hour ceremony will offer intention setting, a delicious  special Cacao , reiki healing, journaling, meditation and drumming. 

You must reserve your space prior to the ceremony. So please be sure to save your spot by emailing and paying in advance either with cash, Revolut or PayPal. Please note that they will be no refunds up to a week prior to the Cacao Ceremony. 

>> Cost of ceremony is Eur45 per person or Eur80 per couple, includes a cup of ceremonial grade cacao, reiki healing, gathering in community, an the opportunity for deep transformation.

Please bring your own mug for cacao (extras will be available in case you forget)
~Please bring a journal
~Please bring any special items of importance (crystals, feathers, etc.)
~Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to sit in.

~Yoga Mat

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