Shinrin -Yoku Forest Bathing with Mama Cacao Ceremony 22nd February, 2022

We will relax and recharge while using the powerful plant medicine of Cacao to open our hearts so we can connect deeper within ourselves for deep healing and guidance.  We will let go of the need to do anything and trust our senses. 

We will gain a deeper sense of connection with source energy/life/spirit heightened intuition, boost in creativity, more vitality, ability to focus cope with daily life, along with a general sense of well-being

This ceremony will offer intention setting, a delicious Gutemala Cacao from local indigenous community Rukuxulew , Reiki healing, journaling, meditation, the opportunity for deep transformation and connection to nature spirits.

You must reserve your space prior to the ceremony by booking online or making payment via Revolut on 0878671843

Please be sure to save your spot by emailing and paying in advance either by  Revolut online through Forest Bathing with Mama Cacao and or for an alternatively payment please contact

Please note that they will be no refunds up to a week prior to the Cacao Ceremony.

Your very welcome to join me on this 

beautiful day of 22/2/2022 @ 11am

22nd February, 2022 

11am - 1pm

Eur65 - Cacao Ceremony

Killiney Hill, Co.Dublin 


If you are taking MAOIs, pregnant or breastfeeding or have a heart condition please let me know in advance so we can adjust your amount of Cacao.  Cacao contains Theobromine if on any medicine please contact you medical professional for advise on any impact. 

if you wish to discuss further please contact me 087-8671843 or email

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