Home and Build

H&B: What attracted you to Feng Shui?
SMD:I have always had an interest in Feng Shui and how simple changes can transform your life emotionally, physically, financially and much more.

In your career, your relationship, you name it – it is about positioning yourself where you can become what you were meant to be.

I always ask myself, do the items in my space represent where I want to go with my business, or do they represent where I’ve been.

H&B:Tell us a bit about what exactly your company does?
SMD: House Doctor completes an energetic analysis of your home based on the energetic blueprint of your house.

I provide a detailed report or prescription on how we can harness this energy and maintain positivity in your surroundings, increase wealth, create harmony in the home, attract loving relationship, create better health and much more.

Feng Shui is not all about clutter cleaning or just shifting beds around, it’s an Earth science that is all about how the land, our home and/or work environment can affect our well being.

I consult with clients when planning and building a house as following Feng Shui house layout designs and basic Feng Shui rules allow for good energy flow ensuring your family thrives.

My work too has as much to do with illness (particularly among children) and poor sleeping patterns & parents suffering from sleep deprivation.

For some when they go to bed they feel exhausted but, as soon as they lie down, they become alert and the mind becomes active. There are two main reasons for this; firstly, the energy location of the room and secondly the way their head is positioned which could be in their most active direction. So it’s about arranging the bedroom and furniture to balance this frequency to allow for a good night’s sleep

Another example why my clients contact me and are turning to Feng Shui, because they want to attract money and success into their life.   One of the first places to start is the Feng Shui of your desk.  And it doesn’t matter if it’s at home or in an office environment.
All too often, when I’m consulting for these clients, I review their desk area and notice some big mistakes that are blocking their success. And with a few quick adjustments, they are productive, focused and having fun.

H&B:How effective is it?

SMD:Before your mind goes to magical fountains and Chinese statues, consider this: Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Richard Branson, as well as companies like Coca-Cola, Nike and Intel have all used Feng Shui in their office spaces for greater productivity, happiness and success.
Yes, Feng Shui is really effective, but you need to club the positive energy boost of Feng Shui with positive actions to fetch good results. Aligning everything with Feng Shui principles gives you the energy boost you need. Feng Shui will help you grow in terms of wealth, peace and prosperity.

H&B: What projects are you working on right now?

SMD: I have several homes that I am consulting with that have some form of illness, such as sleep deprivation, unhappy children, struggling with school or friends, persistent bed wetting, tense or crying babies or other serious sicknesses that won’t clear up.
Other clients are businesses ranging from retail to engineering who have gone from not getting any inquiries to gaining new customers and making profit.
I consult with homeowners that want to sell their homes for a certain price and for a fast sale, I work with architects in designing homes incorporating the Feng Shui principles and working with the land that the house is being built on.
I do a lot of Colour consultation, which makes a big impact when someone walks into his or her home or office – colour can have an immediate impact on re-energising your space.

H&B: Any final words of wisdom that you would like to share?
SMD: By making deliberate decisions about what to keep, what to move, what to let go of and what to bring in, you’ll surround yourself with symbols of forward movement, and set yourself up for success.