Feng Shui Energy House Clearing

A Feng Shui space clearing (house Blessing) should be done upon moving into a new space (OR if your space has NEVER been cleared after moving in!), especially if trauma, misfortunes, or negativity occurred in the space. Maintenance clearings can be done by the homeowner, however clearing residue from your own negative experiences or patterns oftentimes calls for someone else.

There is an unseen world of energy in your space – from pets to previous owners, past trauma, discord, illness, arguments, land disturbances, furniture, and emotions – that you are most likely not aware of. I call this your “house energy”. However, these energies affect you on a daily basis. Space clearing is an important aspect of Feng Shui that clears out old, stagnant and oftentimes negative energy.

We will work together to clear the energy and create a clean slate and a blessed beginning for your home, business, land and life.