Reiki & Cacao Medicine

Reiki was discovered in Japan by Dr. Usui. Reiki stands for Rei - Universial Life Force Energy & Ki energy.

Reiki is a energy therapy where the client is fully clothed and gentle touch is used to infused the body with Universal Life Force energy spirit of Reiki . The client can feel warm, coolness or tingling sensations. 

The treatment is deeply relaxing where the body opens up to absorb the beautiful energy. This treatment is non invasive and is non- religious. Reiki will never do any harm and will always work for the good of the client. Reiki can be given to adults, children, pregnant women and even pets. 

Reiki & Cacao can treat the following; 

Reconnecting the Love of Self which is the natural condition of the human being before any conditioning
Deepening our connection to ourselves and to the energy center of the heart
Softly support all the deep changes we aspire to
Deepen our understanding of what we are,
To heal from our wounds,
To leave old models of thoughts
Enter a space of infinite possibilities and confidence
Open our heart to the Light

Cacao allows you to go deeper in meditation, self-healing, conscious creations, and understandings towards more permanent changes: is a heart-centered anchor that takes you where you are and where you want to go to go, with more love and less fear.

A reiki treatment is for 90mins investment €110

Reiki & Cacao Healing